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Vice President

John Miller

I was in FFA and was sentinel for a term and on the horse judging and land management teams for four years. In 4-H I was president for three years and treasurer for two. I have owned and raised horses since I was just a little guy.

My Dad started me young riding horses – he has been by my side teaching me what his dad taught him as a horseman, picking me up off the ground and dusting me off and now smiling at me in the arena and the look in his face, how proud he is of me for what I have accomplished in my life so far. I truly wouldn’t be the guy I am without my Dad. My Dad and me raise quarter and paint horses and I train as well.

I am a member of the AQHA, APHA and the NHC. I have been with the NHC organization since 2000, and have been on the NHC board since 2008. The Nebraska Horse Council has taught me a lot in the past years. They are like family to me. Our organization does a lot for Nebraska by putting on the Nebraska Horse Expo every year, and we want to guide the young and the old horse people and enthusiasts out there to guide them to better horse training and horse management in general. I just graduated from SCC in Welding technology and am ready to start my future. I am not the first to say that I am proud to be with the Nebraska Horse Council and I hope I am not the last to say it. So, as a Board member I wish you the best in what ever you put your mind to because this cowboy has.

Sandy 1Hello!  I’m Sandy Reiber and I was one of six people who started the Nebraska Horse Council back in 1992 and have helped nurse it along until it is what it is today.  My husband Dave and I have 20 acres outside of Lincoln where we’ve lived for 41 years. I grew up in Southern California and only I agreed to move to Nebraska when I was 19 because here I could at last have a horse!  What I longed for always. But first came marriage and two daughters, Katherine and Patty – both excellent horsewomen. I enjoyed horses thru them ~ hunting, dressage, jumping, western ~ and then on the wrong side of 50 got my very own first horse, a stocky Polish Arabian. After the girls went off to college Dave got a handsome Shire for himself and the two of us rode the trails around our home. The horses have changed over the years. We now have a retired Mo. Fox Trotter, a Norwegian Fjord I found at our first NHC Expo, an 18.2 hand Shire, and Toad (G-Tudor, my sister-in-laws’ now retired FEI dressage horse who represented America at the 2002 World Cup [WEG] in Germany, I went as her groom!). We lost our barn 5 years ago to a fire and while re-outfitting the necessities at the NHC Expo, I found Diego, a short-legged Jack Russell. Dave calls him my “old ladies dog” because Diego goes where I go! Our herd includes Sue, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever very-spoiled-hunting dog, cats, birds, and a few chickens to round out our family. Dave’s Dad, Curt (now 96) also lives with us. I’ve been involved in Pony Club, the Nebr. Dressage Ass’n and North Hills Hunt. I’m now happily retired, enjoying three awesome grandsons, our horses and traveling. I have a wonderful family and husband, a home I love, we’re close to our girls and I’m truly blessed. I am Secretary of the Nebraska Horse Council and now have time to do the newsletter. I have always enjoyed working/talking and being part of this wonderful group.


Kristie BiodrowskyMy name is Kristie Biodrowski and I am very excited to have been chosen as a NHC board member.  I have worked for the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) for the past 13 years and am currently the Field Supervisor. I am a certified animal control officer and equine cruelty investigator.

I also volunteer for the Friends of the Jeannette Hunt Animal Shelter in Blair, NE.  Several co-workers and I have started a Friends of Equus group thru NHS to address the growing needs of unwanted equines that have come into the care of the shelter. Equine welfare is a great concern of mine. **

I grew up with a love of horses and have always wanted one. I was a city girl though and spent a few summers on my cousin’s farm riding horses. I also would horse sit for people when they would go on vacation to get my horse fix. I started taking English riding lessons in my twenties and got by riding other peoples horses. I finally purchased a horse of my own, Mary Jane, 4 years ago. I ride Western, do trail riding, go to clinics and take lessons to improve my skills and the relationship with my horses. I currently own 3 dogs, 1 macaw, 3 goats, 2 cats and of course my horses. I have a 12 year old Arabian mare and a 3 year old Quarter horse type gelding that was a rescues horse I took in as a yearling.

Be the change you wish to see in the world….Ghandi

At-large Members

Shelly Rowell

Hi, my name is Shelly Rowell. I live outside of Firth, Nebr. Lived here for almost six years on a forty acre farm. Have loved every moment of it. My husband is Steve and we have two children. Our oldest is Erin 23, and Josh is 21. I have always had a love of horses since I was little but we always lived in town, so we could not have them. It wasn’t until my daughter turned 4-H age that both our dreams came threw. I had a friend in Cortland that had an older quarter horse mare that had been shown in 4-H. Her daughter was too old for 4-H and said we were welcome to the mare. That’s where it all began. No stopping us now, it was on to horses, shows, many practices, miles of traveling….it was great! Erin and I are still into horses very much, even though her 4-H years have passed. We got into draft horses about nine years ago, along with standard size horses also. We travel to different states to show our drafts. It has been an experience in itself. So enjoyable – you meet so many new people and become friends. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I will continue to have horses in my life for as long as I possibly can. They are such a joy. They each have their own personalities. Especially the big boys. They are so gentle and giving. You have to own drafts to understand that. I love to trail ride, do parades, show, and most of all just sit down with anybody and talk horses. I have a few hobbies and that is to restore old John Deere tractors and old carriages. I love being on the farm, it’s quiet, you can hear all the sounds of nature, and the smells are so real.

Kay Brown

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